e-books access extended

The "COVID" subscriptions we had till the end of May has been extented to the end of June 2020 (and might be extened again after this date):

  - Oxford University Press e-books
  - Cambridge University e-books
  - Taylor & Francis e-books

Besides these collections we are negotiating access to the MIT e-books.

Authentication method change

On Tuesday 28th April 2020 during evening hours the authetication method for remote accessing of electronic information resources (method EZproxy) will be changed. Users will be redirected to the new university single sign on and will be asked for primary password. The remote access functionality wil not change and users can work as they were used to before.


On the "Closed Libraries Will Not Stop You" website, news on online information resources and tips for self-study of MU students during the coronavirus epidemic are continually published.

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<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Instructions for e-books

Library of the University Campus have prepared instructions for using electronic books via the discovery.muni service. Instructions can be found at

New version of Portal EIZ

New version of Portal EIZ was launched at 15th February 2019. The list of the new features:

  • new university web pages design
  • support for mobile devices (phones, tablets)
  • users have not to choose appropriate links for the remote access
    • the Portal EIZ chooses the right link automatically according the network a user is coming from
  • help and instructions update
ProQuest out of order

Due to the system maintenance the ProQuest databases including Alexander Street, Intota Assesment and RefWorks will be out of order

between 4 and 12 a.m. on 20th January 2019. We apologize for any inconvinience.

EZproxy in Edge browser

Users can experience the troubles when using EZproxy in the Microsoft Edge browser (formerly it was called Microsoft Explorer). in such case (the EZproxy does not allow you to use electronic information resources and reports the "cookies" errors), please use different browser (Chrome, Firefox).

Full text availability at Wiley

All of the databases provided by Wiley have known issue which causes the full text availability information can be wrong - a lof of content is marked as full text available for the users, however, the university does not subscribe such content and users cannot get the full text finally. Please be patient, this should be corrected during next update. You can use Full Text Finder at Masaryk university, which tells you if the full text is available or not - see the link "Find fulltext at Masaryk University" at any article/chapter landing page at Wiley.

Wiley - sigle sign on is back

Log in via Shibboleth for Wiley Online Library has been corrected. Users at masaryk University can use WAYFless link.

Wiley - Shibboleth out of order temporarily

We would like to apologize for the non-functional Shibboleth log in at Wiley. Use the EZproxy remote access method instead, please. We are in touch with Wiley and trying to get the Shibboleth login back.

SAGE Journals - complete free in April

SAGE Publishing Group will give all their journal for free in April. Users just have to have personal account to get the content. Please feel free to register ( and activate you acces at

List of available titles is at

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<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
19.10.2017 service down

The service is dow right now, due to software maintanance at the distributor side (EBSCo company). The service should be back in 2 - 3 hours.

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

There is significant update for ProQuest Dissertations and Theses - users can access all full text now (it was first 24 pages before).

VPN - configuration update

Due to the change of the certification authority for the certificates used for VPN servers, users have to dowload and update new configuration file. Instructions and the new configuration file could be found at

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Trial Access to Emerald Insight journal database

We have arranged a two-month trial access to Emerald Insight database with more than 300 e-journals, starting on March 13, 2017.

Emerald journals are featured in the world-recognized indexes: 61 journals are indexed in ISI, more than 190 titles are indexed in Emerging Source Citation Index and more than 260 in Scopus.

Emerald is a global publisher providing quality, peer-reviewed research in the fields as of Business, Management & Strategy; Library Studies; Information & Knowledge Management including Science Technology; Social Sciences; Public Policy; Environmental management; Marketing; HR, Learning & Organizational Studies; Education; Finance, Accounting & Economics; Operations, Logistics &
Quality; Tourism and Hospitality, Health and Social Care, but also technical fields such as Engineering (including Electrical, Mechanical Engineering; Computing and Modeling a Property Management & Build Environment).

New ebrary site - update

The Single Sign On via Shibboleth is working now. The users could log in to their personal accounts and migrate their former accounts (they will be asked after first log in).

New ebrary site

Resource ebrary has changed the web design and name to the Ebook Central (ProQuest). The content of the resource is not changed. The former ebrary URLs should be working, however, we recommend to update (e.g. in your bookmarks) the former to the new . If you are accesing the resource via links here at the EIZ Portal, you do not need to do any actions, the links are already updated.

By now, the Single Sign On to your personal accounts via Shibboleth is not working. We will inform you as soon as the Shibboleth SSO will be available.


SAGE Journals - new web platform

SAGE Journals has migrated to the new web platform - the major change is the web design which should better works on mobile devices. The former web platform will be shut down by the end of the year 2016. All the links here at the Portal has already been updated and directed to the new platform (including remote access via Shibboleth).

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Login page visual style change (EZproxy and Shibboleth)

We would like to announce that we are going to change the login page visual style for the EZproxy and Shibboleth (services used for remote access to the electronic information resources) on the 24th May 2016. The only visual style will be changed and the functionality of the services will not be affected. The comparison of the old and new visual styles are available at URL

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
New service Full Text Finder

The service Full Text Finder has been launched and replaces the former service LinkSource. Both LinkSource and Full Text Finder serves aa full text availability check services and for searching for the links to the full texts. From a user point of view there is no difference in use, however, the branding has been changed.

LinkSource icon  has been replaced by the Full Text Finder icon .

The linking icons at variable resource sites (Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed) has changed slightly.

More information about the Full Text Finder service could be found here at the Portal.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Proxy for remote access discontinuation

Proxy service for remote access to electronic information resources is going to be discontinued on 31st January 2016. Users are recommended to use other technologies for the remote access (EZproxy, OpenVPN, Shibboleth).

Users, who have already set up the proxy. have to remove the proxy settings out of their browser(s) according tho the instructions here.

The proxy discontinuation does not affect the users accessing the proxy from The University Hospital in Brno.


<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
ProQuest webinar

This webinar is available in czech language only.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
JSTOR Shibboleth (remote access)

Shibboleth users that are logging into JSTOR for the first time (e.g. new accounts) may experience between a 5-30 minute delay in being authenticated. We recommend that if users have this experience, they come back to JSTOR and login again after 30 minutes has past. At that point, they should gain access immediately.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Authetication in ScienceDirect and Scopus (Shibboleth)

We would like to inform the users that the log in to the ScienceDirect and Scopus via Shibboleth may fail. This is not happening always, however, it may occur from time to time (the log in process ends up with opensaml::FatalProfileException message). We are investigating the issue toghether with Elsevier (Scopus and ScienceDirect provider). We kindly ask users who encounter this issue to use alternative remote access method.


JCR platform webinar

You can register for the JCR platform webinar at (at least 5 minutes before beginning). 

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Shibboleth - personal data confirmation

Users that are using direct access to the electronic information resources via Shibboleth ( will be asked to give their confirmation on personal data sending since today. Personal data are related to e.g. the faculty that users are members of etc. Users will be asked only once during the first log in attempt. This is the planned change for the Shibboleth technology. Please spend a while read the confirmation form. 

JCR at the InCities platform

The webinar is available in czech language only.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
S.F.X. shut down, LinkSource service

The service S.F.X. is going to be shutted down by 15. 9. 2014. This service is replaced by the LinkSource service. The corresponding services Electronic resources portal and Citation Linker is going to be shutted down too. They are replaced by the Electronic resources portal (A-to-Z) and Citation Locator (both are modules of the Discovery.muni service).

Springer supports Shibboleth

Springer supports to log in via Shibboleth technology. Users from Masaryk University can use their UCO and secondary password to log in directly here or on the Springer web (up in the right corner via Sign Up / Login -> Institutional / Athens Login -> ... find your institution (via Shibboleth) -> Masaryk University Central Library).

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
EDS - new discovery service

Masaryk University has launched a new discovery service: EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service). The service is available at and provides a single point for searching almost all of the electronic resources and databases which are subscribed by Masaryk University. EDS works on the same principles as common internet search engines do: searching a central index - the greatest advantage of this aproach is speed (compared to the former Metalib service the EDS is significantly faster). If you want to learn more please check the online help available from the EDS's pages, link Help (EN) at the top right corner.

Services Metalib and S.F.X. will be available for now, but are going to be switched off in near future.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Elsevier - service interruption

Elsevier anounced that their databases (Scopus, ScienceDirect) will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance on 20th July on Saturday. It is also possible that users may experience service disruptions such as slower response times and
unexpected outages throughout the day.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Ebrary - personal account

This week logging to the personal accounts via Shibboleth has been enabled at ebrary. Please use your UCO and secondary password to sign in. The user, who want to migrate her/his old account to the Shibboleth one, should follow these instructions:

  1. sign in to your personal account via Shibboleth (use your UCO and secondary password)
  2. choose Technical support link at the bottom of the page
  3. fill in the form
    • fill in the mandatory fields (your name, surname and e-mail)
    • as a User type choose "Library user"
    • fill in the Subject with "Bookshelf migration request"
    • Describe details should look like
      "Please migrate my old account to the Sibboleth one. Here are my old account details:
      User name: <your user name used for your old account>
      User email: <the e-mail you used to register your old account>
      Institution: Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic"
    • in case you do not remember your old user name, please tell it in the Describe details too
  4. submit the form
  5. ebrary technical support should response and migrate your account within 2 business days

If you have any troubles with migrating your old account do not hesitate to contact us.

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ebrary login - update

We have to announce that we fall back to default ebrary login system. The issues with the connection to the university login system is still not solved on ebrary side. We are apologizing for it.

ebrary login

We please users to be patient - log in to ebrary site does not work now. We are intensivelly solving the issue.

Search electronic books

Follow the URL to search for electronic books available at Masaryk University.

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VPN security mechanism broken

Recently the security mechanism used by VPN (pptp) technology was broken, the MS-CHAPv2 protocol is broken (
We do not recommend to use VPN further. ICS MU is preparing new technology
(OpenVPN) for the remote access. Before the OpenVPN will be ready to use,
please use only the proxy, EZproxy and Shibboleth to remote connect to the
information resources.

Taylor & Francis journals

Taylor & Francis free-trial is now available. See further info.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
eBooks (EBSCO)

MU gets an access to multidomain electronic books database by EBSCO (the access ends up on April 24th 2012). You can read this ebooks online (as usual) and in addtions you can also download the book to your computer or mobile device and read the books offline. Detail information.

Metalib and SFX not available during weekend

Metalib and SFX can be unavailable during this weekend. We are going to perform several test - the reason is suspicious attack on the servers. We apologize for it.

Metalib - limited service

metalib server has been successfully hacked and for some time will be runned without full functionality (e-mail service). We apologize for it.

Anopress not fully available

Access to the Anopress is now limited. The reason is a massive aggregate downloads of articles which exhausts the limits for Masaryk University. Please do not use aggregate dowloads of hundreds of articles - the result is inaccessibility of the resource for the whole university.

We are working on the issue and we will try to make the resource fully accessible as soon as possible.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
Metalib service migration

In the next 6 day we are going to migrate Metalib service to the new server. During this time Metalib can be unaccesibble for short periods of time or might not be fully functionable. We apologize for it. Thank you for patience.

Primo trial version

Masaryk University can access a new mighty search engine Primo (trial version, available to the end of October 2011). Primo is a produced by ExLibris and is configured to search electronic information resources available at MU (including fulltexts). Primo is a competitor to search engine EDS (EBSCO) that was introduced in June. 

Both tools are now accessible using the simple forms at the Portal's homepage.

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
bX service trial extension

The distributor has prolonged the bX service trial version up to 3 months. The service will be available till the end of the May 2011. Mor information about the service in the previous news.

bX service trial

bX service has been set up in SFX. bX service is a service for recomending similar documents (journals, books) that users search for in context of given document. So if a user is searching for a book, bX service gives a hint "Users who searched for this book also search these ones". It is similar like at ("Customers who bought this item also bought...").

bX services is in trial version only and will be available till the end of March.

You can test the service via Electronic journals portal or you can use directly this link:

<Avaiable in czech version only.>
<Avaiable in czech version only.>
SFX in PubMed

SFX service has been activated in PubMed. Now you can simply search for available fulltexts by clicking on the button . The button can be found on the right top corner at page with detail information about a searched article.

To activate this service you have to use the prepared links or you can go directly from here. Service works correctly only in MU network (or via Remote access).

Metalib and S.F.X. failure

We had Metalib and S.F.X. server failure last week. Metalib and S.F.X. is running at the backup server now and we are going to transfer them to the new server. This might cause longer unavailibility of these services. Please, apologize us. The final transfer of Metalib and S.F.X. should be finished at last by the end of this week.

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RSS Support
We are added support for RSS feeds (version 2.0) - includes information about new and updated information resources and about news. You can add this RSS feed by clicking on this icon RSS 2.0.
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<Avaiable in czech version only.>
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<Avaiable in czech version only.>
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<Avaiable in czech version only.>
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