Remote access via EZproxy

EZproxy is technology that provides remote access to Electronic Information Resources by means of EZproxy links. A great advantage of this technology is its simplicity, there is no need to set up anything. The EIZ portal itself detects if the user wants to access a resource from a network outside the university, and a pre-generated link to EZproxy is offered automatically.

The disadvantage of EZproxy is the need to access resources using links that are only presented at the Portal EIZ. A user who only knows a direct source link cannot use EZproxy easily.

I want to use EZproxy only

By default, Portal EIZ prefers other means of access before EZproxy. A user who wants to enforce using EZproxy at all times can use the following instructions:

  1. select a resource (e. g. from the list of resources)
  2. click [more info]
  3. a page with detailed information about the resource opens
  4. click the Remote access: EZproxy link (see the screenshot the right side, the link is in the red box) at the page bottom
  5. a login dialog appears, fill in your UCO and password
  6. you will be redirected to the resource and you can start using it
  7. check your setup, the URL in the browser address bar should contain
EZproxy link screenshot
In case of any troubles please contact us following these instructions.