Electronic information resources search

Alternative ways to search

Single resource search

Beside the use of the service discovery.muni there is an option to search every single resource by visiting its web page and using the provided search form. The disadvantage is that users can search only one resource at a time and web pages of various resources can differ significantly. On the other hand, the biggest advantage is that the dedicated web pages are optimized for their contents and can bring several customized features, none of which the general search engines can provide (for example precise subject classification).

Google Scholar

Users can also search the electronic information resources via Google Scholar. It works on a similar basis as discovery.muni. The Google Scholar service is also connected to the Masaryk University's Full Text Finder. However, Google Scholar's indexed content is not exactly known and the Scholar's web interface is not as rich as that of the discovery.muni.

To search the Electronic Information Resources at Masaryk University you can use the discovery.muni service:


The discovery.muni service works on the same principles as Google does. Compared to Google, discovery.muni especially indexes especially high quality, licensed scientific content: metadata (including keywords) and full texts. The discovery.muni service is provided by EBSCO, so it is also known as EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

Full Text Finder is another part of the discovery.muni service. This tool helps users to find out about full text availability based on their search results. There is also an A-to-Z list of e-journals and e-books that are subscribed by the university, an export option to various citation formats and citation manager applications, results print and other useful features. Discovery.muni also searches the list of printed publications in the university libraries – the library catalogue Aleph.

Help & how-to
Help for the discovery service is provided by the EBSCO Company and is integrated directly into the service web, users can also watch an online tutorial.