Help for EIZ

The Electronic Information Resources is a general term for scientific books, journals, reference databases, videos etc. used for for research and education. Most of them are produced by the world's top science publishers (Nature Publishing, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, JSTOR, ...) and Masaryk University commercially licenses them. Access to these resources is allowed only to the current students and employees of the university.

Access to the Electronic Information Resources is allowed only to current students and employees of the university. Access is denied to students who have interrupted their studies, to former students and former employees.

For full access to Electronic Information Resources it is necessary to have an internet connection via the Masaryk University network or some of the means of remote access (e.g., for access from a home computer).

Users with no relation to the university can access the resources using the computers at any of the university libraries. Such user have to be registered and can only use computers that are present in the libraries. Remote access is not available.

Users can search every single resource ( list of the resources) via its web page or can use the discovery search service discovery.muni and search all of the resources from one point (like in Google). See how to search the resources.

As an alternative users can use Google Scholar.

Users accessing from the Masaryk University network or via remote access have direct access to the subscribed full texts.

When using the discovery.muni service, users can check full text availability via the Full Text Finder. This service is also integrated in Google Scholar and several electronic information resources (particularly reference databases like Pubmed).

Masaryk University often subscibes only selected collections of e-journals and e-books among those that are available at resources' webs (this holds mainly for big publishers like Springer, Elsevier, Wiley etc.). When users find an article is reported unavailable it can be confusing, however, it is not an error. If you are not sure about a specific full text availability, please contact us.

Yes, all current students and employees of Masaryk University can use the resources from home (and generally from outside the university network) via remote access. If you connect to the resources using the links here at the Portal EIZ, you do not need to set up anything. The links are prepared according to the location you are connecting from.

Remote access is not available to former students, former employees, students who have their studies interrupted and external users registered in the university libraries.