e-books access extended

The "COVID" subscriptions we had till the end of May has been extented to the end of June 2020 (and might be extened again after this date):

  - Oxford University Press e-books
  - Cambridge University e-books
  - Taylor & Francis e-books

Besides these collections we are negotiating access to the MIT e-books.

Authentication method change

On Tuesday 28th April 2020 during evening hours the authetication method for remote accessing of electronic information resources (method EZproxy) will be changed. Users will be redirected to the new university single sign on and will be asked for primary password. The remote access functionality wil not change and users can work as they were used to before.


On the "Closed Libraries Will Not Stop You" website, news on online information resources and tips for self-study of MU students during the coronavirus epidemic are continually published.