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Electronic information resources at MU

Electronic Information Resources (EIZs) for science, research and teaching at Masaryk University. Includes at most "licensed resources" - commercial information resources payed by MU. This resources can be accessed only by employees and students of Masaryk University and the use can be done for academic purposes only.

Access to EIZs is allowed only from computers connected in Masaryk university network or via remote access services (see here).

Resources list
List of resources full list of resources databases which are available at MU
Discovery central search the electronic information resources (more info...)
Services for el. information resources at MU
List of electronic journals and ebooks list of available electronic journals and books at masaryk University
Full Text Finder service for searching for full texts for articles
Remote access how to connect to and use electronic information resources outside the university
Usage restrictions
Electronic information resources may not be used for any non-academic (and non-profit) purposes. It is only allowed to use them for personal studying. Massive downloading of resource's content is considered to be violation of license agreements and consequently access to resource can be forbidden for whole university!
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
users can access all full texts
VPN - configuration update
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new resources
PressReaderfull texts of more than 5000 newspapers and magazines
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses A&I Free-trialDissertations and theses abstracts and index database
Future Medicine journals Free-trialmedical and biomedical journals