Národní digitální knihovna DNNT (Díla nedostupná na trhu)

Following the terminated access to the National Digital Library for University Students (Kramerius-VŠ), the National Library of the Czech Republic allowed universities (after signing the contract) access to the DNNT National Digital Library (Works not available on the market). Login is via eduID.

Full texts of documents (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) published in the Czech Republic until 1989 are made available here. These documents are still protected by copyright law (i.e. 70 years have not passed since the death of their authors yet) and are not available on the market. After clicking on the Browse the library button, choose Díla nedostupná na trhu in the Accessibility side menu.

The NDK-DNNT application also contains full texts of documents (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.), which are free from copyright (no longer protected by copyright). In NDK-DNNT, these works are designed as public. If you are interested in viewing non-copyrighted works, click Public in the Accessibility side menu.

More detailed information about NDK-DNNT can be found on the website of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

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  • Brief info: full texts of Czech production until 1989 not available on the market
  • Related domains: multidomain source
  • Type of the resource: Not classified
  • Publisher: Národní knihovna České republiky
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