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InCites is an analytical tool that, based on citations of publications indexed on Web of Science, performs productivity, impact, and benchmarking analyzes using quantitative indicators. InCites uses tailor-made data at Masaryk University, making it suitable for individual, workplace, faculty and institution-wide analysis of scientific performance.

Access to InCites is limited to a group of specialists from MU.

Analyzes adapted to the requirements of the analyzed unit are carried out by the RMU Research Department upon request, the contact person is Michal Petr,

Additional information
  • This resource is indexed in the discovery.muni.
  • This resources supports remote access via Shibboleth.
  • Brief info: a tool for analyzing scientific performance using citation metrics
  • Related domains: multidomain source
  • Type of the resource: Combined
  • Publisher: Thomson Reuters
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  • Language: not specified
  • Contact person: Mgr. Michal Petr
  • Last modified: 10.1.2020 08:43:50
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