Litterae Ante Portas

An extensive collection of databases and electronic resources of Greek and Latin texts of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The collection consists of dozens of full-text databases from various producers in the following areas:

  • Classical philology
  • Medieval studies
  • Bible studies
  • History
  • Theology, ecclesiastical history
  • Philosophy, literary science
  • Art history, musicology
  • Bibliography, library science
  • Digitale bibliothek

To access the databases, you have to register with the resource manager at the above address and have a special ICA client CITRIX Metaframe installed on your computer.

The Litterae Ante Portas is managed by the Department of Classical Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. See for detailed information about the contents of this resource and possibilities/conditions of its use.

Additional information
Additional information
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  • Language: multilingual
  • Contact person: Mgr. Lucie Janoušková
  • Last modified: 19.4.2021 23:24:01