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Remote access via EZproxy

EZproxy is a technology that provides remote access to electronic information resources - it helps users who want to work with these resources and are connected outside university network. EZproxy is based on web technology. The main advantage (compared to VPN and proxy) is that EZproxy is not influenced by firewalls (however it is not universal and there is a small set of resources which can work a little bit incorrectly).

How to use EZproxy?

There is two possibilities how to connect to electronic resources via EZproxy:

1. You can use prepared links at this portal – you can find a special link called (connect to) EZproxy nearby every resource (e.g. at list of resources page). To click on this link cause you connect to this resource via EZproxy.
EZproxy link at list of resources page
EZproxy link at list of resources page
EZproxy link at resource record page
EZproxy link at resource record page

2. You can also "asseble" the resource's EZproxy URL. The format is:


For example (connection to EBSCO) http://ezproxy.muni.cz/login?url=http://search.epnet.com

If you connect for the first time (EZproxy does not know you) you will be ask to fill in your login (UČO) and password (IS MU secondary password). Then you can work with resources as usual.

Log out can be done directly via this link or via closing your internet browser.

You can check your EZproxy connection whenever during work with resource - look at the URL and there should be ezproxy.muni.cz. For example I work with EBSCO so the URL should look like: http://search.epnet.com.ezproxy.muni.cz/....

For more information about EZproxy look at http://www.oclc.org/us/en/ezproxy/default.htm.

In case of any troubles please contact us according to the Remote access does not work...