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Annual Reviews (AR) collection contains 51 journals bringing reviews from various fields of study. 


Note: From 2024 Annual Reviews has changed subscription model to "Subscribe to Open (S2O)" = if the subscription targed is achieved (institutional customers continue to subscribe to the journals), every new volume is immediately converted to OA under a Creative Commons license and is available for everyone to read and re-use. In addition, all articles from the most recent nine volumes are also accessible to all. If support is insufficient, the paywall is retained.

For 2024 subscriptions, the targed is achieved = every new volume is OA under a Creative Commons licenseall articles from the most recent nine volumes are also accessible to all. 


Benefits of S2O for Subscribers (including MUNI): guaranteed permanent data rights to the content (regardless of the success of the offer); Access to Reviews in Advance (RIAs), which are articles available before their official publication date; enhanced back volume availability.



List of MUNI subscriptions:

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