Screen Studies Collection

The Screen Studies Collection (formerly known as FIO - Film Indexes Online) offers a comprehensive survey of current publications related to film scholarship alongside detailed and expansive filmographies. This collection includes the following specialist indexes and filmographies: American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog, Film Index International (FII), and FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Database.

A set of three major databases in the area of film available through one portal:
(for technical reasons, it is better to use Firefox to access the portal)

  1. American Film Institute Catalog (AFIC)
  2. The FIAF International Film Archive Database
  3. Film Index International

American Film Institute Catalog (AFIC)

It provides detailed information on feature-length feature films produced in the United States of America or financed by US production companies between 1893 and 1972. The database includes more than 48,000 film records with production information, technical data, information about the crew, cast and characters as well as records including detailed plots, genre and historical notes and quotation links. New data are inserted twice a year. A key source recommended for teaching, research and study of film art.

The FIAF International Film Archive Database

The database represents a unique bibliographic and factual database in its field. Established in 1972, it is operated by the International Federation of Film Archives—FIAF (founded in Paris in 1938). It now brings together 127 film archives from more than 65 countries. NFA has been a member since 1946. FIAF aims to preserve the artistic and historical heritage of cinematography in all countries, support historical research at the national and international levels, and establish and develop film archives, which are a guarantee of conservation of film culture in historical context. The FIAF database is a result of cooperation of various film archives. Each archive analytically processes, based on a single methodology prepared by a catalogue and documentation commission, selected film periodicals in its territory and provides further information on its activities. The FIAF database is updated 4 times a year.

The FIAF International FilmArchive Database includes the following sub-databases:

  • International Index to Film Periodicals – this main database contains more than 230,000 records on articles with film themes from 1972 to present from more than 345 film academic and popular periodicals from around the world. 12,000 records are added annually. Each entry consists of a full bibliographic description, an abstract and comprehensive headings (biographical names, film titles and general subjects). The database also contains records on television from 1979 (approx. 50,000 records); since 2000 it has limited itself to articles with TV themes only from film periodicals.
  • Treasures from the Film Archives – includes unique information about silent films (short, feature, documentary) from collections of more than 90 film archives in the world, cooperation among archives in the field of preservation, research, and protection of these films within projects of the National Film Preservation Foundation.
  • Film / TV Documentation Collection – this database contains a detailed description of collections of FIAF members.
  • FIAF Members Publications – this database provides a comprehensive review of publications of FIAF members from 1966 to present.

Film Index International (FII)

is a filmographic information resource compiled by the British Film Institute (BFI). With more than 100,000 detailed records on films from 170 countries from the first silent films to present, with more than a million link to cast and technical data and more than 500,000 links to bibliographic citations on individual films and filmmakers, 40,000 professional profiles of filmmakers and information about awards won at prestigious film festivals, it is the world’s largest professionally compiled film library.

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