Česká literární bibliografie

The Czech Literary Bibliography (ČLB) operated by the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a large research infrastructure for the study of Czech literature and other subjects of social sciences and humanities (philology, philosophy, history, art history, journalism, etc.). Its aim is the processing, continuous editing, updating and online access to a unique set of bibliographic and other knowledge databases, continuously mapping literary events and literary science in the Czech lands or the circulation of Czech literature abroad from the beginnings of the national revival to the present day. At the beginning of 2024, the databases of the ČLB will total more than 2.3 million records.

List of databases made available by the ČLB:

  • Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Literature 1770-1945
  • Bibliography of Czech Literary Science (since 1945)
  • Bibliography of Czech Literary Internet
  • Bibliography of Czech Literary Exile (1948-1989)
  • Database of literary prizes
  • Database of literary editions
  • Database of excerpted journals

The databases of the Czech Literary Bibliography are available in open access. All users have unlimited access to them online and free of charge. The use of the databases is conditional on proper citation and the inclusion of information about their use in research and development outputs according to the guidelines at https://clb.ucl.cas.cz/en/how-to-cite-the-clb/.

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