Global Financials

Global Financials is a platform that provides its users with a deeper insight into the financial performance of companies worldwide, enabling them to make more informed decisions in the given areas.

The database provides a standardized view of understandable financial data across various international markets without understanding complex local file formats. It provides financial data on more than 34 million public and private companies. Data on financial statements are available for public entities for 120 markets and for private entities for 53 markets (including the Czech Republic).

Users can encounter many problems when analyzing financial data, so Global Financials provides a global data repository in one database, which is updated daily. It is a standardized and multi-currency platform with current exchange rates, which allows you to analyze and segment data according to your needs with the option of exporting data to other formats.

On the platform, you will also find historical standardized financial statement data with the option of displaying the previous 5 or 20 years so that it can be used as best as possible for different cases. Thanks to the way data are processed and stored, users can maintain a standardized view even if local conditions for archiving may change.

Access information can be found in IS (after authenticated login). A maximum of 3 users can use the database simultaneously. When you're done working, close your browser window to log out and let others work.

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  • Brief info: a platform providing its users with a deeper insight into the financial performance of companies worldwide
  • Accessible until: 31.12.2025
  • Related domains: Economy
  • Type of the resource: Factual source
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  • Category: licensed resource
  • Language: English
  • Contact person: Mgr. Pavla Rimešová
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