Statista is one of the largest providers of statistical and market data. It offers access to over a million data, statistics, forecasts and infographics from 80,000 topics and 22,500+ different sources. It provides data on the global digital economy, industry sectors, consumer markets, public opinion, media and macroeconomic trends.
Data are available for download in PNG, XLS, PDF and PPT formats, datasets include citation and parameter metadata.

Additional information
  • Brief info: Statista is one of the leading providers of market and consumer data.
  • Accessible until: 31.12.2025
  • Related domains: Economy, Social sciences
  • Type of the resource: Factual source
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  • Category: licensed resource
  • Language: English
  • Contact person: Mgr. Pavla Rimešová
  • Last modified: 2.1.2024 08:53:58
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