Wikisofia is used for the public sharing of study materials and expertise in a number of areas of the humanities. It is a project unique in its scope (number of humanities) combined with strict expertise. Articles published on Wikisophy can be created and edited by anyone, with priority for members of the academic community (thanks to user accounts linked via Shibboleth). This ensures both a plurality of views on given topics and resource richness across disciplines, as well as mutual control of content verifiability.
As Wikisofia is primarily intended for students' needs, one of the main goals of its contributors is to create well-crafted questions related to individual exams (including state exams). Articles are prepared by students for students using professional resources.

Additional information
  • Brief info: Open access portal, which is used to create, store and obtain verified study materials from the field of humanities.
  • Related domains: multidomain source
  • Type of the resource: Portal
  • Publisher: FF Univerzity Karlovy
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