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OECD iLibrary (formerly known as SourceOECD) is a comprehensive collection of OECD electronic resources (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) that offers socio-economic statistics from OECD member countries in time series and comparisons. It contains three main information areas, all with a great time retrospective (in some cases up to 1994):

  • international statistical indicators (pdf, excel or special)
  • electronic books (full text, pdf format)
  • electronic journals (full text, pdf format)

As for thematic scope, the collection is primarily oriented towards socio-economic life, but contains valuable information from all other spheres of life - such as demography, law, sociology, education, health, information technology, natural sciences, environment, agriculture and many others.

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Additional information
  • This resource is indexed in the discovery.muni.
  • Brief info: OECD statistical databases, online books and periodicals
  • Accessible until: 31.12.2025
  • Related domains: Economy, Education
  • Type of the resource: Combined
  • Publisher: OECD
Additional information
  • Category: licensed resource
  • Language: English
  • Contact person: Mgr. Pavla Rimešová
  • Last modified: 19.2.2024 12:52:01
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