unalex is an international information system on European and International Uniform Law with special emphasis on international private and civil procedural law. The information and factual material of unalex is continuously updated and developed further.

unalex is multilingual. Therefore the information provided is identical in the variety of the relevant legal systems for all users. Users can navigate through unalex in five different languages so far. The information offered via the system unalex is prepared and translated into all these languages. The particular unalex language concept aims to facilitate the cross-border acquisition and exchange of information on International Uniform Law.

The unalex product range comprises i.a.:

  • The unalex collection of court cases of more than 8,000 deliberately chosen decisions with guiding principles
  • The unalex Compendium, a systematic collection, assigned by articles, with explanations (C) and summaries of principles (L) on selected legal instruments. A direct link with the unalex case collection ensures that the most up to-date Compendium is accessible.
  • Legislative texts and materials on Uniform Law

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