American Mathematical Society Journals


A collection of 10 peer-reviewed journals produced by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) from various areas of mathematics, whose retrospective dates back to 1891. In addition to articles, book reviews and news from industry-leading experts are published. MU subscription covers the last five years; older volumes are freely available in the AMS Open Access archive.

List of journals:

  •     JAMS - Journal of the American Mathematical Society
  •     Conformal Geometry and Dynamics
  •     Mathematics of Computation
  •     Memoirs of the AMS
  •     Proceedings of the AMS
  •     Proceedings of the AMS, Series B
  •     Representation Theory
  •     Transactions of the AMS
  •     Transactions of the AMS, Series B
  •     Electronic Research Announcements (published in 1995-2007)

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