The Times Digital Archive 1785-2014


The Times Digital Archive allows to search and view information brought by the most known and most quoted daily paper – The (London) Times. The Times represents a primary source that reflects the contemporary world situation from an authentic perspective.

The archive presents all of this daily paper's pages from 1785–2014, including the graphic form, and allows an in-text search.

It is a relevant resource for many fields – history, sociology, cultural studies, Anglistics, politology, etc.

There are analytical tools at your disposal thanks to the special Gale Primary Sources interface:

  • Term clusters – displays groups of associated topics for each keyword
  • Term frequency – displays the frequency of searched terms on the timeline

Additional information
  • This resource is indexed in the discovery.muni.
  • Brief info: archive of The Times newspaper
  • Related domains: multidomain source
  • Type of the resource: Fulltext
  • Publisher: GALE
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