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SpringerLink provides access to over 2,000 journals from science, technology, medicine, economics and social sciences and humanities by Springer and its subsidiaries. The subscription for Masaryk University also includes the Lecture Notes in Mathematics monographic series containing over 350 mathematics and statistics monographs, and the Computer Science Library including, among others, the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences with over 12,000 computer science monograph titles.

Users have access to journal volumes back to 1997.

In addition, MU has also purchased some Springer archives of the monograph series.

Note: All Springer content (journals, books, book series, proceedings, reference works, etc.) is integrated within the SpringerLink common platform. You can either search for the information you need within the entire platform (Search window at the top) or filter the type of material you want (Our Content, at the bottom of the page) and then, if necessary, the discipline (Discipline filter, in the left column) and then search only the pre-filtered content.

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