Refinitiv Workspace for Students

This resource is available only at: Faculty of Economics and Administration

Refinitiv Workspace for Students is a service that provides financial intelligence. It enables you to make fully informed stock trading decisions through its comprehensive and unique reports, data, analysis and insights. The database includes a huge amount of global economic, corporate and financial data. You will find in it:

  • Comprehensive historical financial data and economic information with securities and indicators for over 175 countries in 60 markets for the past 50 years.
  • Covering both developed and emerging markets, the data includes bonds, commodities and derivatives, company accounts, equities, futures and options. Refinitiv also covers interest and exchange rates, international macroeconomics, market indices, unit and investment trusts.
  • Financial and economic news.

Data and graphs can be exported to Excel, PowerPoint or Word. More information about Refinitiv Workspace can be found in this brochure. Access to the database is possible from CSI computers through this website after entering a username and password. If you are interested in using this service, ask for the login information at the loan desk at the library.

Additional information
  • Brief info: database providing financial intelligence, economic information, stock data and market information
  • Related domains: Economy
  • Type of the resource: Combined
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  • Category: licensed resource
  • Language: English
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