For using SciFinder-n registration is required (more information at resource contact person). Current SciFinder users are able to log into SciFinder-n with their SciFinder login a password.

Only Masaryk University current students and faculty can use the database.

SciFinder-n is a new generation of SciFinder produced by CAS (division of American Chemical Society) with an improved interface that allows more ccomfortable and faster searching. There are 4 main modules available in the SciFinder-n interface:


We can search by chemical structure, substance name, formulas, patent numbers, PubMed ID, DOI, etc. SciFinder-n also includes the previously stand-alone PatentPak (chemical patents search tool) and MethodsNow (analytical methods tool).

HELP and GUIDES (in English)

Quick reference guide (PDF)

How to migrate your current saved answers and alerts from SciFinder (PDF)

All SciFinder-n How-To videos and other help



Additional information
Additional information
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