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The Archive of Fine Arts collects materials on contemporary arts, primarily Czech and Slovak visual arts. [more info]
fulltext biomedical, life sciences, social sciences journals [more info]
A research project examining the presentation of ancient texts from the Greek tragedy to the Roman epic. [more info]
a collection of full-text and bibliographic databases on linguistics, philosophy and religion [more info]
selected e-books from Cambridge University Press [more info]
full e-journal collection from Cambridhe University Press [more info]
Journals subscribed by Medical Faculty, Faculty of Science and CEITEC in 2022 [more info]
national aggregator of digital libraries [more info]
Czech books, periodicals, music, cartographic documents [more info]
Digital library focused on works of social sciences and humanities. [more info]
full texts of selected (sponsored) standards [more info]
Permanently acquired ebooks from Social Sciences & Humanities [more info]
humanities and social sciences journals from De Gruyter [more info]
free accessible archive of Czech newspapers and magazines [more info]
multidisciplinary collection of selected e-books for Techlib [more info]
collection of selected e-books for TechLib [more info]
multi-discipline journal fultext mega-database [more info]
a large collection of e-books from EBSCO [more info]
electronic ebooks collection [more info]
Educational E-books by Masaryk University teachers recommended as study materials. [more info]
access to scanned books from MU libraries [more info]
An index containing bibliographic information on academic journals in the humanities and social sciences. [more info]
a full-text source of literary information [more info]
a tool for analyzing scientific performance using citation metrics [more info]
Licenced resource Infobanka ČTK
news on European affairs [more info]
Digital library of websites, text, image, audio and audiovisual documents and software programs. [more info]
Archive of data from the field of research of social and behavioral sciences. [more info]
Journals of the American Medical Association [more info]
impact factors of scientific journals [more info]
Licenced resource MagnusWeb
The database of companies, schools, non-profit organisations etc. in Czech and Slovak republics [more info]
E-book describing how to cite according to the most frequently used citation styles in academic community (eg ISO 690, Harvard, Vancouver, etc.). [more info]
e-reading room of Masaryk University [more info]
full texts of Czech production until 2000 (2010 serials) not available on the market [more info]
Licenced resource NewtonOne
Czech a and Slovak media resources [more info]
Digital library focused on German culture. [more info]
collection of selected e-books from the field of humanities and social sciences [more info]
Open digital repository and archive of academic texts. [more info]
Open access archive of French journals in the field of social sciences and humanities. [more info]
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA [more info]
newspapers and magazines from around the world [more info]
The largest digital library of full texts of world literature. [more info]
the world's largest academic multi-disciplinary information resource [more info]
RISM is a freely available catalog of historical manuscript music sources, which are stored in hundreds of world libraries and archives. [more info]
online text editor for researchers and students [more info]
evaluation of science and research outputs [more info]
multidisciplinary citation and abstract database from Elsevier [more info]
SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks. [more info]
e-journals from Springer [more info]
journals from the T&F in humanities and social sciences [more info]
CEJSH is an open-access database of abstracts, reviews of full texts of articles from journals published in Central European countries with a focus on social sciences. [more info]
archive of The Times newspaper [more info]
Digital library providing free access to materials created by the UN. [more info]
Open Access journals collection [more info]
citation and bibliographic database [more info]
Open access portal, which is used to create, store and obtain verified study materials from the field of humanities. [more info]
Licenced resource Writefull
automated proofreading for science [more info]
German multidisciplinary digital library. [more info]
reference manager for managing references and creating list of bibliographic references [more info]
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