Ebrary - personal account

This week logging to the personal accounts via Shibboleth has been enabled at ebrary. Please use your UCO and secondary password to sign in. The user, who want to migrate her/his old account to the Shibboleth one, should follow these instructions:

  1. sign in to your personal account via Shibboleth (use your UCO and secondary password)
  2. choose Technical support link at the bottom of the page
  3. fill in the form
    • fill in the mandatory fields (your name, surname and e-mail)
    • as a User type choose "Library user"
    • fill in the Subject with "Bookshelf migration request"
    • Describe details should look like
      "Please migrate my old account to the Sibboleth one. Here are my old account details:
      User name: <your user name used for your old account>
      User email: <the e-mail you used to register your old account>
      Institution: Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic"
    • in case you do not remember your old user name, please tell it in the Describe details too
  4. submit the form
  5. ebrary technical support should response and migrate your account within 2 business days

If you have any troubles with migrating your old account do not hesitate to contact us.