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journals, proceedings, newsletters from the ACM [more info]
archive journal titles by ACS (American Chemical Society) [more info]
journals published by the AMS [more info]
collection of physical journals [more info]
fulltext biomedical, life sciences, social sciences journals [more info]
Retrospective bibliographic database focused on art history [more info]
full-text resource for the study of art and architecture [more info]
bibliography and full texts from theology and religion [more info]
bibliographic database on biology and biomedicine [more info]
11 medical e-books [more info]
a collection of full-text and bibliographic databases on linguistics, philosophy and religion [more info]
selection of Brill reference manuals [more info]
Licenced resource Général
selected e-books from Cambridge University Press [more info]
full e-journal collection from Cambridhe University Press [more info]
selected e-journals [more info]
multidisciplinary collection of e-journals [more info]
fulltext EBSCO database for dentistry and oral sciences [more info]
collection of selected e-books for TechLib [more info]
multi-discipline journal fultext mega-database [more info]
a large collection of e-books from EBSCO [more info]
electronic ebooks collection [more info]
fulltext and bibliographic database of economics [more info]
Collections eBooks publishing Elgar [more info]
ophthalmology ebooks [more info]
full-text and bibliographic database [more info]
collection of e-books from the food industry [more info]
collection of encyclopedic e-books from sociology, business, education, law [more info]
a full-text source of literary information [more info]
a collection of DE GRUYTER linguistic manuals [more info]
a database of full texts of legal periodicals, books and other documents [more info]
fulltext archive by Elsevier [more info]
journals, proceedings and standards by IEEE/IEL [more info]
collection of electronic journals from the Institute of Physics [more info]
impact factors of scientific journals [more info]
full texts of scientific journals from various fields (Journal Storage) [more info]
112 medical electronic books [more info]
full-text medical journals [more info]
a collection of legal on-line magazines [more info]
biomedical and nature science e-books [more info]
fulltext and bibliographic database in the field of library and information science [more info]
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts [more info]
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer) [more info]
medical journals archive published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins [more info]
fulltext medical journals by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins [more info]
manuscripts and old prints in the Czech Republic and abroad [more info]
mathematical abstract and review database [more info]
MEDLINE on EBSCOhost platform [more info]
MEDLINE on Ovid platform [more info]
archive titles of biochemical publications [more info]
collection of selected research journals from Nature Publishing Group [more info]
compositions and accompanying material of mostly classical music [more info]
Nursing care portal [more info]
OECD statistical databases, online books and periodicals [more info]
journal archive by Elsevier [more info]
collection of selected e-books from the field of humanities and social sciences [more info]
full collection of e-journals from Oxford University Press [more info]
collection of musicological resources [more info]
archive (vols published1964-1995) [more info]
abstract and full-text database of psychology [more info]
bibliographic database of musicology [more info]
collections eBooks Law - publishing Routledge [more info]
e-books from humanities and social sciences [more info]
Licenced resource RSC Archives
archive journal titles of RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) [more info]
fulltext journals of of RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) [more info]
electronic journals in the field of humanities and social sciences [more info]
e-books from social sciences [more info]
Research methods library in social sciences [more info]
prestigious journal in sciences a medicine [more info]
Elsevier archive of Earth sciences journals [more info]
e-journals from Elsevier [more info]
journal in the field of cell signaling and regulatory biology [more info]
evaluation of science and research outputs [more info]
multidisciplinary citation and abstract database from Elsevier [more info]
full-text sources for sociological research [more info]
full-text sport journals database [more info]
e-journals from Springer [more info]
full text archives of Springer monographic series [more info]
selected e-books [more info]
journals from the T&F in humanities and social sciences [more info]
online historical archive of The Economist journal since 1843 to 2020 [more info]
archive of The Times newspaper [more info]
medical and biomedical color atlases and textbooks [more info]
citation and bibliographic database [more info]
selected encyclopedia from the Wiley Online Library [more info]
collection of e-journals by Wiley [more info]
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