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Brief info: factographic and bibilographic database for chemistry
Link: https://www.reaxys.com/
Producent: Elsevier
Valid until: 31.12.2019
Category: licensed resource
Accessible from: Masaryk University Campus Library, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science
Related domains: Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Mathematics, Natural sciences, Physics
Full info:

Access only from Faulty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and MUCL (MU Campus Library) PC network.

Reaxys is a web-based search and retrieval system for chemical compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions. It integrates reaction and substance data with synthesis planning and data analysis tools to significantly reduce the time it takes researchers to get to the relevant results.

Retrospective up to 1779.

Irrespective of the area of chemistry – organic, medicinal, synthetic, agro/fine/catalyst, inorganic, process, to name a few – Reaxys’ chemistry research software enables scientists to move from a basic idea to target compound, to evaluate/optimize alternative synthetic routes, to identify and combine selected reaction solutions for research chemists, and to support research and task-based learning through experimentally validated substance data search.

Reaxys can help in the following research areas or professions:

  •     Synthetic chemistry
  •     Medicinal chemistry
  •     Chemistry information professionals
  •     Material science

More info, animated tutorials.

Type of the resource: Combined
Language: english
Contact person: Mgr. Petr Sejk