Portal of electronic information resources

Remote access to electronic resources

This page provides a guide for users who would like to access licenced electronic information resources (EIZs) outside the Masaryk University network. (Default behavior permitt direct access only from computers that are connected in the Masaryk University network – it means computers with IP adresses There are several possibilities how to get the resources click to link to get futher instructions):

  • EZproxy (recommended, use EZproxy links here at the Portal)
  • OpenVPN (recommended***) Update you configuration, please! (8. 4. 2017)
  • Shibboleth (does not work with all resources, very easy to use)
  • proxy (the service was discontinued on 31st January 2016) - instructions how to remove proxy settings in browser

We recommend to use EZproxy, please use the EZproxy links which you can find nearby all resources here at the Portal:

EZproxy odkaz v seznamu zdroju
EZproxy link at the resources list
EZproxy odkaz u záznamu zdroje
EZproxy link at the resource details

Still there is the OpenVPN available. However, it requires to install additional software and to have administrator rights on your computer (in Windows).

For quite a lot resources you can use Shibboleth to log in via your UCO and secondary password.

Specialized electronic information resources at faculties

There are several information resources that can be accessed only from certain faculty computers. For those check this list and instruction (in czech language only).

If you connect via university wi-fi you are only allowed to access university resources and not the specialized resources at faculties. It does not matter where (in which building) you are connected.

In case of any troubles please contact us according to the Remote access does not work...