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Licenced resource  ACS Journals  [connect | EZproxy]  – fulltext journals of ACS (American Chemical Society)
Licenced resource  ACS Legacy Archives  [connect | EZproxy]  – archive journal titles by ACS (American Chemical Society)
Free resource  Anatomical dictionary  [connect] Free  – Latin-English-Czech-Slovak dictionary of human anatomy terms
Licenced resource  Annual Reviews  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – fulltext biomedical, life sciences, social sciences journals
Licenced resource  Časopisy MEDINFO  [connect]  – collection of titles from MEDINFO project
Licenced resource  ebrary Perpetual Titles - Ebook Central  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – ebrary ebooks selection
Licenced resource  EBSCO eBooks  [connect | Shibboleth]  – electronic ebooks collection
Licenced resource  Environment Complete  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic and fulltext database about environment
Licenced resource  JoVE - Journal of Visualized Experiments  [connect | EZproxy]  – videos of scientific experiments
Free resource  MEDLINE (PubMed)  [connect | EZproxy] Free  – Service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, incl. MeSH and other resources
Licenced resource  Methods in Enzymology (backfiles)  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – archive titles of biochemical publications
Licenced resource  Nature-journals  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – collection of selected research journals from Nature Publishing Group
Licenced resource  Organic Chemistry Collection  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – archive journal titles by Elsevier
Licenced resource  PATAI'S Chemistry of Functional Groups  [connect | EZproxy]  – archive (vols published1964-1995)
Free resource  PubChem  [connect] Free  – factographic database of chemical substances
Licenced resource  Reaxys  [connect]  – factographic and bibilographic database for chemistry
Licenced resource  RSC Archives  [connect]  – archive journal titles of RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Licenced resource  RSC Journals  [connect]  – fulltext journals of of RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Licenced resource  Science of Synthesis  [connect | EZproxy]  – reference work for methods in synthetic organic chemistry
Licenced resource  SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)  [connect]  – bibliographic chemistry database
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