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Brief info: a database of German law
Link: http://beck-online.beck.de/
Producent: Verlag C. H. Beck, München
Valid until: not limited
Category: licensed resource
Accessible from: Faculty of Law
Related domains: Law
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A database of German law, which includes full texts of legal documents (legislation, case law, model contracts, etc.), commentaries published in print, magazine articles, and monographs (from the production of the C.H.Beck publishing house). Available modules:

  • beck-online premium

the most important commentaries, monographs, manuals, model contracts and filings, and complete archives of periodicals published by C.H. Beck (Germany)

  • Betriebs-Berater (BB)

selected areas of law (economic, fiscal, financial, labour, social security)

  • Das Deutsche Bundesrecht (NOMOS)

legislation in force of the Federal Republic of Germany (federal regulations)

  • Staudinger, BGB

Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch mit Einführungsgesetz und Nebengesetzen: BGB (1st edition 1898) = the most extensive, continuously updated commentary to the Civil Code (+ related regulations)

Access to full texts of articles is possible only from computers at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University.

Type of the resource: Fulltext
Language: german
Contact person: Mgr. Petra Georgala