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Licenced resource  Annual Reviews  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – fulltext biomedical, life sciences, social sciences journals
Licenced resource  Art and Humanities Full Text  [connect | Shibboleth]  – art and humanities full-text database
Licenced resource  ARTbibliographies Modern  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic database of abstracts about modern and contemporary art
Licenced resource  Art Source  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – full-text resource for the study of art and architecture
Licenced resource  Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic database covering architecture and design topics
Licenced resource  Books@Ovid  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – 11 medical e-books
Licenced resource  Citace PRO  [connect | Shibboleth]  – citation manager
Licenced resource  Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source  [connect | Shibboleth]  – fulltext EBSCO database for dentistry and oral sciences
Licenced resource  Design and Applied Arts Index  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – abstracts and bibliographic database of design and applied arts
Licenced resource  DynaMed  [connect | Shibboleth]  – clinical information resource for evidence-based medicine
Licenced resource  ebrary Perpetual Titles - Ebook Central  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – ebrary ebooks selection
Licenced resource  EBSCO eBooks  [connect | Shibboleth]  – electronic ebooks collection
Licenced resource  Emerald Managements  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – portfolio of 9 e-journal collections in management disciplines by Emerald
Licenced resource  Environment Complete  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic and fulltext database about environment
Licenced resource  High Energy/Nuclear Physics and Astronomy  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – archive fulltext by Elsevier
Licenced resource  International Bibliography of Art  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – abstract and bibliographic database of art and material culture since late antiquity
Licenced resource  Karger eBooks Collection 2008-2010  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – 112 medical electronic books
Licenced resource  Karger Online Journals  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – full-text medical journals
Licenced resource  L’Année philologique  [connect | Shibboleth]  – bibliographic database covers Antiquity and Late Antiquity
Licenced resource  LWW - Definitive Archive Collection  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – medical journals archive published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Licenced resource  LWW - High Impact Collection  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – fulltext medical journals by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Licenced resource  MEDLINE (OVID SP)  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – medical bibliographical and abstract database
Licenced resource  Methods in Enzymology (backfiles)  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – archive titles of biochemical publications
Licenced resource  Nature-journals  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – collection of selected research journals from Nature Publishing Group
Licenced resource  Nursing@Ovid  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – information source for nursing and allied health sciences
Licenced resource  Organic Chemistry Collection  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – archive journal titles by Elsevier
Licenced resource  ProQuest Health and Medical Complete  [connect | EZproxy | Shibboleth]  – medical resources in ProQuest STM collection
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