Digitální knihovna SNK - Díla nedostupná na trhu

The DIKDA portal - the Digital Library of the Slovak National Library https://dikda.snk.sk/ - offers registered readers more than one million copyright-free and commercially unavailable works published in Slovakia. All this free of charge, online from anywhere in the European Economic Area. From your mobile phone or laptop, just register and you can instantly search for digital copies of books, journals, articles, photographs, manuscripts published from the invention of the printing press to the beginning of the 21st century.

To register, click on the "Log In" link at the top right of the https://dikda.snk.sk/ page and then click on the "Register" link.

For more information about DIKDA, visit https://snk.sk/sk/2-nezaradene/1613-dikda-snk-sk-narodna-kniznica-bez-polic.html

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  • Brief info: fulltexts of Slovak publications
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  • Type of the resource: Fulltext
  • Publisher: Slovenská národná knižnica
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