CAB Abstract

CAB Abstracts is the leading English-language bibliographic information service providing access to the world’s applied life sciences literature – from agriculture, the environment, and veterinary sciences, to plant sciences, mycology and parasitology, food science, human health and nutrition.

Content Includes:

  • Over 9 million records with coverage dating back to 1973
  • Over 230,000 full-text journal articles, reports and conference proceedings
  • Publications from over 116 countries in 50 languages
  • Indexing for over 10,000 academic journals, books, conference proceedings and reports specially selected by subject experts
  • In addition to indexing thousands of core scientific journals, CAB Abstracts offers extensive coverage of non-journal literature from around the world including annual reports, general reports, books, conference proceedings, field notes and much more.

Additional information
  • Brief info: abstract and full-text database of the applied life sciences
  • Accessible until: 18.6.2021
  • Related domains: Biology, Medicine
  • Type of the resource: Fulltext
  • Publisher: CABI Publishing
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