SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)

SciFinder programme enables online access to bibliographic Chemical Abstract database.

For using this programme a registration is necessary
(more information at resource contact person). 

Only Masaryk University current students and faculty can use the database.

Database Chemical Abstracts covers all chemistry fields as well as lot of other branches. It contains more than 70 million items, list of all CAS registration numbers is also included. Data available from 1907 when the printed journal Chemical Abtracts (CA) was released.
Searching by chemical structure, chemical formula, patent numbers, also by author, institution or in journal content.

Online version form of the database is accessible via computer programme SciFinder Scholar. It also contains:

  • REGISTRY - database of substances information
  • CHEMLIST (Regulated Chemicals Listing) - chemical substances that are regulated in key markets across the globe
  • CHEMCATS - information about commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers 
  • CASREACT - information about reactions

Producer´s info, tutorials and help.

Additional information
  • Brief info: bibliographic chemistry database
  • Accessible until: 31.12.2022
  • Related domains: Chemistry
  • Type of the resource: Bibliographical
  • Publisher: Chemical Abstracts Service
Additional information
  • Language: English
  • Contact person: Mgr. Petr Sejk
  • Last modified: 18.1.2021 14:50:50
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