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Brief info: bibliographic database of abstracts about modern and contemporary art
Link: https://search.proquest.com/artbibliographies/arts/
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Producent: Proquest
Valid until: not limited
Category: licensed resource
Accessible from: Masaryk University
Related domains: Art
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ARTbibliographies modern (ABM) is a global bibliography specialised in abstracts of literature on modern and contemporary art from around the world. It allows quick access to art journals, museum bulletins, exhibition catalogues, books, essays and PhD dissertations covering the 20th century art. If includes a variety of artistic fields, including photography, textile art, interior and furniture design, graphic design, computer and electronic art, ethnic art, design of stamps, video, jewellery, ceramics, scenic art, illustration, carpets, design of medals, graffiti, fashion design, calligraphy, glass, etc. Retrospective since 1974.

Type of the resource: Bibliographical
Language: multilingual
Contact person: Mgr. Lucie Janoušková