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Brief info: collection of titles from MEDINFO project
Link: http://medinfo.ics.muni.cz/cs/zdroje-pro-mu/e-casopisy
Producent: různí, dodavatel SUWECO
Valid until: 31.12.2019
Category: licensed resource
Accessible from: Masaryk University
Related domains: multidomain source
Full info:

Collection of 76 journal titles (online and online with print version) ensured via project Medinfo (form Research and Development for Innovations Operational Programme/ RDIOP).

Includes many top ranked titles with high Impact Factor, in medicine, biomedicine, biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry such as: American Naturalist, Blood, Brain, Human Reproduction Update, Journal of Bryology, Pediatrics,  Physiological Reviews, PNAS, Science etc.

Type of the resource: Fulltext
Language: english
Contact person: Mgr. Petr Sejk
Related files:
Soubor Medinfo 2018.xlsx List of journals